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Our Latest Projects

The best way to talk about what we do is to show some of the things we have done. Here is a sample of our projects, all realised hand in hand with our clients.


Exki’s sustainable food

Exki invests in what « green » really means: respecting the environment and the health; being conscious of the food we eat, where it comes from and how it is grown. We created four animated videos and illustrations for books.

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Make it easier

Adfinity helps you manage your company’s finances. These three videos explain how it can help you with your day-to-day decisions and organisation.

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The perfect Customer Journey

The secret of La fourchette d’argent?
A year ago, they called on the BCG to reinvent their customer journey.
Have a look at it!

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De Platon à Steve Jobs

L'histoire de l'intelligence artificielle n'a pas commencé il y a 80 ans avec la construction du premier ordinateur. Pour programmer ou simuler la pensée, il faut en effet pouvoir la comprendre, la démonter, la décomposer.

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Digitised Financial Institutions

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) helps banks and Financial Institutions to digitise their front and back offices.
We created two videos to describe the BCG's approaches. They were produced in different styles but with similar looks a...

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A colorful event

Each year, EDHEC Business School organises an alumni gathering in Paris, Lyon and Lille. This year, the events were animated with live frescos. Participants could spontaneously suggest ideas to personalise the canvas. A contest was later or...

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Delhaize’s content strategy

Developing a content strategy and targeting the right audience at the right time, is a huge challenge for a company. After having established a strong vision and strategy, Delhaize wanted to tell the story of their approach in a three-minut...

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What are you waiting for?

With, you only need 60 second to switch to the electricity and gaz contract that fits the best your needs.
It compares all offers available on the market and takes care of the paperwork.
We created a logo, a website...

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Remain courteous!

Copidec strives for an efficient organization and a continuous improvement of the household waste processing. They want to remind with a two-minute video that they can’t do this on their own and that everyone should put his shoulders to the...

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Natural paints

Copidec wanted to develop an original exhibition stand at the « salon des mandataires » to raise awareness about the excessive use of chemical product in everyday life.
We suggested decorating the stand during the event and divided th...

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Drawings on the walls

In Brasserie {c} you don’t only drink beer, you understand where it comes from and how it is made. Brasserie {c} thus wanted to immerse visitors in a special atmosphere where they could discover good beer while having a peek at the producti...

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Liège together

Liège Together has set up an ambitious goal for the future: raise its profile in Belgium and abroad.
During the launch event, we created a giant and colorful fresco capturing their new identity, strategy and vision in a comprehensive ...

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Digital brainstorming

As part of its effort on digitalisation, the french bank, Société Générale organised a full day of brainstorming on innovative high-tech solutions.
The event took place simultaneously in its headquarters in Paris and in Bangalore. We ...

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Competitiveness is the ability of a firm to generate value in relation with comparable players on the same market. Because it takes commitment from all the collaborators of a company, we worked on a four-steps approach towards greater compe...

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Herta whiteboard animation scribing draw my life

Herta s’engage

We designed a scribing video in collaboration with the Parisian agency; Sidièse to communicate on Herta’s new environmental campaign, both internally and externally. Key visuals have been used as greeting cards and as giant kakemonos.

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Round-The-World Tour

Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, have set out to achieve something that still seems impossible today: the First Round-The-World Solar Flight, powered only by the sun, with no fuel or polluting emissions. We have the chance to be part ...

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Giphar annual summit

Every year, Giphar invites its more than 1300 affiliated pharmacists at a two-days annual convention to share the main achievements of the year and discuss the group’s strategy and objectives for the year to come. We designed 10 didactical ...

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A MOOC on two-speed IT

Transform or disappear, the Darwinism of IT: In order to adapt to a digital world, a two-speed IT is needed. We worked with the BCG to design a MOOC to learn why and how to manage an IT department as a business in order to transform a compa...

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A MOOC on strategy

Why does one company succeed over another? How do you make the right strategic choices while developing your business? We worked with the Louvain School of Management (LSM) to provide tools and methods of analysis needed to answer these imp...

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