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From Plato to Steve Jobs

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The history of artificial intelligence did not start 80 years ago with the construction of the first computer. To program or simulate thought, one must indeed be able to understand, disassemble, and decompose it. To be able to code a reflection, one must first be able to decode it, and this analysis already existed in antiquity. The principles, laws and concepts that underlie computer science today are rooted in a time when mathematics and logic developed each other around their iconic thinker, respectively Plato and Aristotle. Discover the story written by Luc de Brabandere that we illustrated and animated.






The conference.


Luc de Brabandere presented “Le Fleuve” at the USI 2016 and the academic entry of UCL Mons 2016.

Check out his lecture in the video below.






The article, the poster and the book.


In addition to his lectures Luc de Brabandere writes articles and is the author of 15 books. Check out the article, the poster and the book “Homo Informatix”, which further develops the article "From Plato to Steve Jobs".