Animation of a moonwalk Logotype of Cartoonbase

Our Services

We offer a wide range of comprehensive services that always serve your brand objectives, while working within your constraints.


We make top-notch videos, aimed at telling short stories. Whether they be about complex topics that need to be depicted, achievements that deserve to be shared, ideas you want to be remembered or commercials that need to be illustrated.

Whether we use a dynamic GIF or a full video clip, we will be happy to bring your ideas to life.


Live drawing helps groups to synthesize the outcome of a meeting, provide a creative perspective on the messages of the day, or just make it fun. It can take various forms: a giant live fresco, visual harvesting, live cartooning, live caricatures, etc.


Illustrations are a simple way to get your message across with an image. They can be fun, customized to your organization down to the smallest detail, and adapted to an infinite number of possible uses. They can also easily cross language borders. If you want, we can paint directly on your walls. This is a subtle and elegant way of informing people about what you do, in the blink of an eye.


Day-to-day life is full of reports, deadlines and objectives that leave very little time to . . . just think. However, nothing stays good forever and creative ideas are a must for the long-term sustainability of any organization.

Since people’s schedules are so busy, we organize seminars to optimize creative thinking time. Luc de Brabandere’s techniques combined with our artists’ visual interpretations of ideas will ensure you find the idea you need.

Your Project

Our projects very often combine several of the services discussed. We will be happy to come up with ideas for your next tailor-made project.