A Night to Remember. You have a proven track record of well-organised events with inspirational speakers, stimulating debates and numerous high-level participants.

But this time, you’re looking for that something extra – the creative spin that will turn your event into an experience.

How about using the power of visual thinking to make your event memorable?


Visuals in action. Whether on site or online: live drawing makes conferences entertaining, helps groups to focus on outcomes, and provides a creative perspective on take-aways. 

Real-time illustrations even act as mementos of the event when everything is said and done.

Visuals are also a key tool for branding and promoting your event. We can take care of all the communication materials you need before, during and after the event, from the event’s visual identity to flyers, videos and social media assets.

And, of course, contribute creative, unusual ideas and concepts to give your event that little something setting it apart.

Our events projects

How we can help

Following products work especially well for events



We capture audiences’ imagination and help them focus



We add a creative visual commentary to speeches and debates to make your content stick

Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

We develop unique, tailor-made ideas and concepts to give your event a unique touch