2D animation videos

Two dimensions, a multi-faceted technique

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What is it?

2D animation covers a variety of styles and graphic universes. Motion design, traditional animation or whiteboard videos all use 2D animation techniques.


What they have in common is the ability to tell compelling stories and make your brand stand out by translating information into visual concepts that are easy to relate to.

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Why do you need it?

2D puts the full range of tools animation has to offer at your disposal, but without the extra cost of 3D.


2D animation enables you to narrate your story or explain your project using the power of visualisation.


It is a cost-efficient way of visualising what’s important to you and should matter to your audience: by using the universal language of images, 2D animation videos are an amazing enabler of storytelling techniques and the number one tool for explaining abstract concepts.

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What will it look like?

2D animations create the illusion of movement, either by sequencing images or by bringing graphic design elements to life.


They can be character-based, featuring a persona that gives your message a universal and relatable touch; or they can also feature data visualisation, making abstract concepts and figures concrete and understandable even to the most maths-phobic among us.


Tips for a successful 2D animation video:


  • Stories need characters. Storytelling will get you into the hearts and memories of your audience; any good story features a hero (or anti-hero). 2D animation is the best and easiest way to create characters with a universal appeal, representing large groups of people.


  • Abstract concepts need real-life metaphors. That’s why we like to turn percentages into cakes and variable growth figures into a roller coasters: translating abstract information into concrete concepts makes it understandable for everyone. 2D animation lets you do just that.
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