Moja Okolica is a digital tool that deepens the relationship between local communities and governments by allowing municipalities to communicate directly with its citizens.


Moja Okolica needed an explainer video that clearly showed what the app does and how it works. Being a Polish company, we needed to dig deep into Polish culture to make the video relevant to locals. We also needed to make sure that the video remained general enough so that it would be future-proof for an app that is constantly updating and changing.


Style: Moja Okolica’s public is pretty large, with a variety of people. So we needed to develop a style that not only resonated with the Polish public, but felt cool and unique. We crafted a sleek, 2D style with colourful, modern-looking characters that people could relate to. It was the perfect style to get people excited about connecting with their local community, while making the app distinct from other solutions. 


Future-Proof: This was all about capturing the very essence of what Moja Okolica is and what it wants to achieve. While the app and its specific assets are bound to continue evolving, we captured the very essence of Moja Okolica. This meant that the video and assets that came out of the project can be used for many more years to come.



Moja Okolica ended up with a fresh and modern-looking video that was accessible, cool and full of fun. In fact, the video we made is still their biggest advertising asset. They still reuse the assets we produced in their communication campaigns today. The video itself has reached over 20 thousand views on YouTube and Facebook alone.