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Our top 5 creative workshop templates: Dive into our Miroverse

Remote meetings and workshops are tricky: even when everyone’s mic is working fine, the collaborative flow is often a bit off. Co-creation and visual thinking in virtual spaces is kind of our thing, so we worked out a solution.

Try one of the shared creative spaces we have designed for you and spark true connection in online gatherings.

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Dive into our Miroverse Dive into our Miroverse

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    A custom template for every workshop

    Miro offers a digital platform for remote collaboration around a shared canvas. At Cartoonbase, we have created custom, ready-to-use creative templates to make your meetings and workshops as creative as ours.

    They resemble our way of working: visual, inclusive, collaborative, agile. Welcome to our Miroverse.

    Each of our creative workshop templates is designed to tackle a specific business challenge. Our designers added little visual extras to make sure you have fun tackling them!


    Our templates are an invitation to help your teams get creative

    Looking to get even more out of your meetings and workshops? Seeking expert help to brainstorm on eye-catching communication tools for your project? Book a co-creation workshop with one of our experienced facilitators!

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