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Communicating about technology is challenging.  Whether you are working in a lab, an NGO or a leading firm; whether you are an aspiring inventor trying to pitch your latest idea or a communication expert, you will have wondered: how to explain what makes a piece of tech special without getting bogged down in, well, technicalities?

Technological solutions play an ever greater role in our lives, and those solutions are getting ever more complex. So how can we give large and diverse audience a complete understanding of what makes a particular technology stand out? How it works and why we should care?

By harnessing the power of illustration, you make tech talk tangible for your audience, as well as your peers – showing, not just telling.

It All Starts With The Atom

We all know this illustration of an atom:


Sitting at your desk in secondary school, you probably remember noting where the electrons, the protons and neutrons were located. But that’s not what an atom actually looks like. Despite that, this illustration helped us understand one of the most complex and vital building blocks of the universe.

Illustration speaks a thousand words, and helps create understandable models of things that are invisible to the naked eye, or simply too complex to explain in words. That means it’s perfect for communicating about things too small, too big or too complex to describe – or that don’t even exist yet! Making these things visual structures content in an understandable way – no matter how technical the topic.

You can get started right now with our free pack of Technograms: illustrations ready to be dropped into your next presentation – explaining tech with style.

Tech Sector - Solvay-01
Tech sector -Solvay-02

Solvay – Style: Collage and Motion Design – See how we turned 159 years of technical experience into a ready-to-share communication plan for the digitised world.

Easy learning

Teaching someone something new requires clear structure. Your audience may not just be experts, so they need to be walked through whatever you’re trying to explain (and even experts can lose focus). Making it visual helps structure your thought process. Illustrations offer the ultimate control when it comes to how you want people to understand your content.

On top of this, illustrations speak to something human in all of us. They remind us of our youth and accentuate the playing aspect of learning, meaning that your audience will be emotionally engaged and eager to learn from start to finish.

ClearSpace animation
Tech Sector - clear space
Claude Nicollier
tech communication - clearspace

ClearSpace – Mixed Media Production – Find out how we got people of all ages excited about space.

A unique voice

Whenever we work on a project, we deep-dive into the content, making sure we’re as familiar with the content as possible. This is especially true for the often complex topic of tech.

Why? Because we’re dedicated to finding a unique character, style and voice for your project. We make sure the illustration style fits the objective, audience and content of your work. By working this way, each collaboration is unique.

Tech Sector - AxonJay
Tech Sector - DGconnect_Roaming-01
Tech Sector-Huapii-01
Tech Sector-ING-01
Tech Sector-Nexten-01

1.Axonjay – vectorial image,   2. DG Connecthand-drawn cartoon,  3. Huapiivectorial image,   4. ING – white board, 5. Nextenvectorial image

A tailored approach

But explainer videos are just one way to address this challenge. Cartoonbase has a variety of different solutions to fit whichever challenge you may face. Cartoonbase can help you develop a strong, personal visual identity that radiates professionalism and feels up-to-date, or increase your knowledge sharing leadership with e-learning materials and live drawing services.

Check out all the ways Cartoonbase can cement your brand as the tech leader of the future.

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