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Learning should be active, data-driven and impactful. But, most importantly, it should be fun. Help e-learners understand, remember and truly enjoy the experience with creative visuals and storytelling.

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One simple rule: don’t let them get bored

What makes you eager to learn? Your kids? Your passion for birdwatching? Friendly competition?

These different learning scenarios all have something in common:  they are interactive, involve learners emotionally, and ensure they do not switch off (literally!) before reaching their goal.

To keep learners motivated along the journey, go beyond content sharing and treat them to authentic e-learning experiences.

How we build your e-learning experience

We work with your team from start to finish to develop a unique concept that meets your strategic goals and engages your audiences.

Here’s what the process looks like:

  • Learning strategy 
  • creative concept 
  • narrative writing prompts
  • production
  • upload
  • promotion
  • tracking
  • continuous improvement
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E-learning experiences

We’ve helped them built authentic learning experiences

A dream team to work with! Translating the most complex concepts into beautiful visual storytelling, and always a great pleasure to collaborate with. I highly recommend choosing Cartoonbase for any creative project you might have in the pipeline.

Joanna Nahorska

Communications officer

Good understanding of expectations, quick and efficient work. Nothing to complain about!

Grégoire le Hardy

Head of Marketing Analytics

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