We craft fun and effective learning journeys with illustrations


We create digital products that make a difference for you and your audience


Video styles

The right style to fit your ambitions. Our Cartoonbase artists have a plethora of hip, emotive and colourful styles to fit whatever the project requires. Having such a versatility on styles means that we can always find what's right for you.


Real-time illustration as a catalyst for collective intelligence. Our illustrators’ visual interpretations stimulate the creative process and help you achieve your goals. Live drawing makes conferences entertaining, memorable and fun, helps groups to focus on outcomes, or provides a creative perspective on the take-aways of the day. We also organise seminars to structure and stimulate creative thinking.


Co-creation leads to a powerful concept. Ideally, your colleagues and your audience all have the same clear understanding of a complicated problem or situation. That's what our team of creative thinkers, communication strategists and illustrators strives to achieve together with you, during blinkstorming sessions and creative workshops. Because alignment on a vision leads to a powerful creative concept.