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Your online presence is built with your audience in mind. It’s not just about what you have to say, it’s also about what they come to look for.

Building your digital products around their needs is the best way to serve your own.

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Unique digital products to get you where you want

Your online presence offers a unique opportunity to guide your audiences towards the actions you’d like them to take.

This holds true for external and internal communication alike, even for short-lived campaigns such as one-off competitions or events.

Design them as part of the bigger picture: your digital presence should contribute to your organisation’s purpose.

How we create your digital products

  • We map your digital needs, from sitemaps to online outreach strategies
  • We make sure we have an overview of the content that will ‘live’ on your digital platform and optimise it for SEO
  • Our illustrators and animators deliver features with a distinctive look and feel
  • We align visual identity with user needs
  • We guarantee regular touchpoints with a single point of contact to keep your project on track
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We’ve given their online presence a purpose

The collaboration with Cartoonbase has been very rewarding. Together, we have been able to create a great, fun and colorful project to promote our professions to young people.

Délia Joyeux

Communication Project Manager

Cartoonbase delivered quality products on a timely basis, accommodating our needs and tight deadlines, and the products have contributed to the success of our communication actions.

Luca De Carli

Head of Unit

A team that is attentive, available, responsive, and fully committed to customer satisfaction. A great professional discovery!

Georgia Sarre-Hector

Communication Manager

Good understanding of expectations, quick and efficient work. Nothing to complain about!

Grégoire le Hardy

Head of Marketing Analytics

A dream team to work with! Translating the most complex concepts into beautiful visual storytelling, and always a great pleasure to collaborate with. I highly recommend choosing Cartoonbase for any creative project you might have in the pipeline.

Joanna Nahorska

Communications officer


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