Co-creation workshops: more than the sum of their parts

Adding a dash of creativity to a workshop is like adding a pinch of salt to your cooking: it brings out the flavour of the ingredients.

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The more creative, the merrier

We firmly believe that creativity makes for better organisations and happier employees.

And that any team can come up with creative solutions. How do we harness this particular collective intelligence ? In fact, it’s a bit like cooking. It’s not an exact science, but there are tried and tested practices that work.

Whether on- or offline, co-creation workshops enable participants to look at old problems from a new perspective and jointly develop the solutions your organisation needs to meet the challenges it faces.

Co-creation workshops: what to expect

  • Alignment on expectations before the workshop
  • Anything but a lecture: everyone gets to contribute and create 
  • A visual and story-based experience, born and bred in the right brain
  • A change in mindset, a new outlook on things
  • Follow-up and takeaways you can work with to translate outputs into action
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Co-creation workshops

We tailored workshops to their teams

Great working experience with the Cartoonbase team. They are truly creative and professional. They were able to bring an idea to life in such a simple and impactful way. Thank you!!

Ammar Al-Hajjar


Cartoonbase went the extra mile for us, and it's truly evident in the result. They bring their own original ideas while being highly responsive. The discussions and iterations we had with them allowed us to discover a visual style and an authentic tone of voice that aligns perfectly with Futureproofed's values. Speaking, not shouting. Cartoonbase delivers from start to finish and has never missed a deadline or commitment. If we have the opportunity, we will definitely collaborate with them again in the future."

Serge de Gheldere


Good understanding of expectations, quick and efficient work. Nothing to complain about!

Grégoire le Hardy

Head of Marketing Analytics

A team that is attentive, available, responsive, and completely committed to customer satisfaction.
A great professional discovery!

Georgia Sarre-Hector

Communication Manager

A dream team to work with! Translating the most complex concepts into beautiful visual storytelling, and always a great pleasure to collaborate with. I highly recommend choosing Cartoonbase for any creative project you might have in the pipeline.

Joanna Nahorska

Communications officer

Co-creation outputs


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