Online events

Online events

Rethinking the way we meet and interact


What are online events?

Online events have emerged as the new normal for corporate events – with their own perks and pitfalls.

Whether as a public livestream, a closed conference call or a recorded session, they enable us to stay connected, continue networking and foster debates and interactions with large groups.

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Why do you need online events with your business?

Organising online events lets you connect with your stakeholders and communicate with wide audiences, gaining visibility and staying in the news. They are also a great option for workshops or training sessions with remote participants.

Even if you are planning a physical event, think about adding online elements into the mix: hybrid events offer a broader scope, bigger audience and more staying power.

Online and hybrid events have the advantage of full integration with the channels you use to promote them: you can promote and stream a conference live on Facebook, Slido or your corporate website, with the additional option of gaining new subscribers to your channels.

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How do online events work for your business?

There are numerous options for organising them. Here are a few concrete formats we can help you set up:

  • Livestreamed remote panel with audience interaction: combining a video conferencing setup with a livestream, optional registration and interactivity with the audiences. Professionally mixed camera output will give your event a TV studio look and feel even if participants are connected via webcams. Add participation through online polls and quizzes for an interactive experience, and stream live for a real-time experience.
  • Workshop with remote graphic facilitation: a powerful tool for keeping participants engaged during a remote session: as the imagination works with images, illustrations help us better visualise concepts. Graphic facilitation has proven itself during numerous workshops, brainstormings, team building sessions and events.
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  • Hybrid integration: broadcasting a physical event live online, inviting additional participants through a stream or complementing a panel discussion with online polling and Q&A sessions will result in a more diverse and participative experience for both online and offline participants.

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