Creativity Recipes

Our creativity recipes

At Cartoonbase, we believe that creativity makes for better organisations and happier employees.

To help you and your teams brainstorm with creative energy, we have published our Creativity Cookbook.

Get a taster with our 10 creativity exercises and start organising brainstorming sessions that will spark exciting new ideas.

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    Creativity Recipes Creativity Recipes Creativity Recipes Creativity Recipes

    Pick and mix:
    creative exercises for every occasion

    The ‘cards’ contain brainstorming techniques for use in organisations of all kinds, with teams of all sizes.

    Each card presents a practical exercise with instructions for use. You will also find information on the types of challenges or problems it can help your team solve.

    Use our creative advice the way you would any other: our creative recipes for every situation are there to be tweaked, adapted, refined and combined.

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