Learn How to Learn

Learn how to learn with our interactive e-learning course

Do you wish you could hack your brain to learn new skills and remember everything forever?

Well, we've got the cheat code for you: neuroplasticity! It's your ability to create pathways of knowledge in the forest of your mind.

Unlock your brain's potential and level up your learning game with our fun and interactive online course. Enrol now and become a brain hacker!

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Learn How to Learn

What you will learn:

  • To explain what is neuroplasticity
  • The difference between long and short term memory
  • Why it’s important to space out learning
  • How to benefit from context in learning
  • How to retrieve learned information and avoid forgetting things
  • How to use positive and negative feedback to continue learning

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    Discover your learning potential

    Our interactive e-learning course will take you through the basic neuroscience behind the learning process and teach you how to apply it to your own learning objectives.

    Imagine your brain is a forest: learning means creating new pathways. In three modules using practical exercises, video and other interactive learning content, you will discover:

    How to create pathways

    Module 1 (16 mins)

    How to create pathways

    • Your tremendous potential
    • Neuroplasticity and learning
    • Dense like a forest
    • Learning, an active process
    How to strengthen those pathways

    Module 2 (18 mins)

    How to strengthen those pathways

    • Locking in Information
    • How do we remember things?
    • How to maximise information retention
    How to correct them if needed

    Module 3 (14 mins)

    How to correct them if needed

    • Retrieving and using the right information
    • Retrieving memorised information
    • Developing explanations
    • Feedback
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