Inclusivity Toolkit

The Inclusivity Toolkit

Break down barriers within your communication

You have identified that your target audience is made up of a variety of personas. But how can you ensure that your communications outputs reflect this diversity?

At Cartoonbase, we are committed to leaving no one behind.

To help you produce communications materials with diversity built in, we have compiled the tips and resources we use in-house in a free Inclusivity Toolkit.

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Experience and co-creation

"Nothing about them without them" was the thread that guided our reflection. We started wondering what we could improve to produce inclusive communications materials. So we began talking. First among ourselves. Then inviting external references to the table. Until we decided to organise our reflections in a short document to add consistency to our own practices and help others follow suit.

The checklist to keep in mind



Reflect all members of your audiences

Beware of perpetuating a dominant culture

Be aware of stereotypes

Watch out for jargon

Use simple sentences

Use video captions to capture and enrapture


Represent your audience

Opt for an airy layout

Size it up

Illustrate to elucidate


Know your holidays


Simplify interactions

Multiply the modes of interaction

Don't punish users for making mistakes

Minimise the effort required from the user