Besix: a real-life footage video to bring employees together




Corporate video

Besix is a multidisciplinary company involved in construction, property development and concessions.


Besix works on massive building projects around the world and has thousands of employees. Being spread across the planet means that many of their teams work in isolation from each other. Besix wanted us to create a real-life footage video that would bring their employees together and make them proud of their achievements. On top of this, we had to make the video FAST, because it would be debuting during one of their events in a few weeks time!


Inspiring: We knew that Besix wanted to inspire their employees, so we decided to ask the question ‘Who is Besix’. This way we inspired the employees by showing them what they were part of – and that they could be proud. We chose to convey this with the visual of typing. The typing on screen could be anyone at Besix. The words that appeared were from and for every member of the team.

True to life: What better way to inspire Besix employees than showing them exactly what they were achieving. We weren’t to use a voice-over in the video, but we managed to turn this challenge into a strength. The video showed real Besix people and showcased their amazing achievements with real footage.


The event was a rousing success, with our video being seen by all Besix employees. Many collaborative projects later, we count Besix among our friends.

We challenged Cartoonbase to communicate about safety at Besix. They reacted quickly and came up with an original concept, well balanced between vision and daily operations. The videos, illustrations and presentations they produced were well received by our employees. That was six months ago, and the whole communication kit is still regularly used in our various departments around the world.

Florence Bribosia

Head of Communications, Besix