nexten is an online platform that connects IT specialists and developers directly to the companies that need them - cutting out middlemen.


Tech-HR platform nexten needed an explainer video that really spoke to their user base, while explaining exactly how their platform worked.


Sci-Fi: IT is an industry full of nerds, luckily so is our copywriting team. We worked together with nexten to come up with a concept filled with references to the greatest sci-fi hits from the last century. The story of Developer-1 and his journey to the nexten monolith is sure to sweep up all fans of geek-culture.


Short-Film Feel: When developing the video, we had agreed with nexten that a more cinematic feel was the way to go. The video focussed on sharing information through dialogue instead of a simple voice-over. This really worked to convey an exciting, well-paced ambience. Starting with a cold-open pulls in the audience, while the mystery of the setting holds onto the audience’s attention and makes nexten really memorable.


Enthusiasm: We hand-selected the right team for the job. From the script writer, to the animator, to the voice actors – we made sure that we had a team that loved the subject matter and had the enthusiasm to make the video sparkle. 


nexten now has a love-letter to sci-fi that lets their audience know that they share the same interests and explains exactly how nexten can save them time, money and stress when searching for a new job.