Pasqal: Cracking Quantum

Pasqal develops Quantum Information Processors that are revolutionising how we use computers to tackle fundamental scientific and engineering problems.


Imagine being a start-up in France that has to explain what a Qubit is to an international audience. You’re probably worried that the word ‘rubidium’ will just lead to the scratching of heads.

This was exactly Pasqal’s situation when they tried to explain the fact that they developed Quantum Processors. Quantum mechanics is still blurry at best for some of the brightest minds on the planet, so how was a general audience to fare?


They asked us to help explain everything quantum: their tech, goals and solutions.

We needed to create a video to present their startup and what they do. The target audience wasn’t just their investors though. This video needed to be understandable and interesting for everyone.

Pasqal: Cracking Quantum
Pasqal: Cracking Quantum
Pasqal: Cracking Quantum

We tackled the problem from two sides:

Language: Our team got down into the weeds to figure out just how Pasqal’s quantum computing worked. A tall task, but this wasn’t our team’s first rodeo with complex stuff. We developed a language that could help translate geek to great – finding the right common sense words and metaphors to explain it all easily.

Representation: One of the benefits of using animation is that you can turn the abstract into art. After finding the perfect metaphors, our illustrators went to work designing representations of grids, laser’s and atoms. This perfectly accompanied the text by making it easy to follow by both eye and ear.


We love all things geek, but we know that even the smartest people can have trouble explaining what they want to say.

Pascal was really happy with the videos we produced. They now had a way to outline clearly what they do, with a strong visual identity to boot! So next time you’re wondering how Quantum Computing actually works, just check out Pasqal’s explainer.

Pasqal: Cracking Quantum