Content roadmaps

Content roadmaps

Know where your content is headed


What is a content roadmap?

A content roadmap charts out the key steps of your content delivery plan along your audiences’ journey.

What does this mean? People interact in different ways with your organisation or product, depending on what they are looking for in a specific situation. A content roadmap will help you tailor your content to their specific needs at that time and in that place.

You also need to take into account how well you know each other: are you reaching out to an audience that is already engaged, or are you raising awareness about your activities? Use a content roadmap to support their decision-making and deepen your relationship along the way.

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Why do you need content roadmaps?

Pitching content to target audiences can feel like you have no other choice but to be a little annoying: no one likes to wait for pre-roll ads to finish, let alone be cold-called or mass-mailed. 

Consider a content roadmap as a way of turning this situation around. For each message you’d like to get across, each action you’d like your audience to take, identify the intersection between their interest and yours – and the content that fits into it.

When dealing with a high volume of complex messages, a content roadmap can also help you structure and organise it to make it easier to understand and remember.

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Tips for successful content roadmaps

These are some of the questions you should ask yourself to develop a content roadmap that will effectively deliver your messages:

  • What do your target audiences know about your organisation/product/project already?
  • What do they need? Where are they likely to go look for it, and how can you help them find it?
  • Which action(s) would you like them to undertake?
  • What information do they need?
  • How do they feel? 
  • What are their options for interacting with you?
  • How can you access their feedback?

The answers will naturally guide your content roadmap, shaping the tone and style (e. g. inspirational or factual), the format (explainer video, tutorial, website FAQ…), as well as the right platform and timing for posting. 

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How we can help create your content roadmap

Reach out to Cartoonbase for expert advice on how to build a content roadmap getting you closer to your audiences.

Whether you are developing a change management plan or an e-learning course: will provide hands-on support to help you profile your audiences, shape the messages you want to deliver, identify the right formats and platforms for delivering them, and develop attractive assets for doing so with maximum impact.

We are also experts on how to structure, break down and pitch complex content with the help of the right visuals.

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