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What are infographics?

Infographics use imagery, data visualisation (think graphs and charts) and text to convey information on key facts and figures.

They can be used in various forms and formats: infographics are a great tool for animated or mixed media videos, but will also help to make presentations, website content or newsletter more impactful.

Infographics work like a hotline to our brain: by making pattern, trends and key concepts apparent, they enable us to absorb complex information in a split second.

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Why do you need infographics?

Sharing key data is one thing – getting it across quite another. Even if you have record-breaking figures to share, your audiences will probably not remember them unless you highlight their significance in a compelling manner.

Imagine you were trying to educate a large audience about how much water is wasted producing food that is thrown away – that would be 66 trillion gallons. Sure, it sounds like a lot, but for most of us, it’s too abstract and out of proportion to remember.

Think of what that figure could be converted into – 100 million olympic-sized swimming pools for example, or three times the volume of Lake Geneva. Now imagine a clear infographic visualising that figure – and you can be sure your viewer will think about it next time they pour a glass of water!

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Tips for successful infographics

Looking to use the power of infographics in your communication? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Mix and match. Infographics reach their full potential when text, graphs and images combine to help our brains recognise patterns.
  • Animate if you can. Infographics are even more impactful when animated effect are used to visualise dynamic processes such as growth or shifts.
  • Quality over quantity. When a full page of bar graphs, pie charts, maps and grids are thrown at us, the result can be perceived as nothing but visual noise. Be selective – choose your most striking facts and figures, and turn them into memorable visual metaphors.

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How we can help you create successful infographics

Whether in video form, for the web or for an event backdrop – creating meaningful infographics requires visual skills, but also deep work on content. It not just about the figures, but what’s behind them: what do they mean? How can we put them in context?

The cartoonbase team combines both skillsets, and we love to foster creative collaboration where creative visual thinking and content expertise cross-fertilise each other for amazing results. Add our talented animators to bring dynamic infographics to life – and have the right mix to tell your compelling story with infographics.

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