Interactive videos

Interactive videos

Engaging learners and enhancing learning outcomes


What are interactive videos?

Think of it as the next evolutionary step in digital learning. Instead of merely watching, the viewer gets to interact directly with the content.

This could be through clickable hotspots, quick quizzes, or even branching scenarios.

The goal? More immediate feedback and a tailored learning experience.

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Why opt for interactive videos?

There are a few compelling reasons. Firstly, they are genuinely engaging, drawing the learner into an active role and thereby holding attention far better than passive content.

Secondly, they have the edge in memorability. It’s been proven that interactive experiences stick in our minds much longer than passive ones.

And lastly, they excel in facilitating learning outcomes. By providing learners with immediate feedback and opportunities to apply what they’ve learned, interactive videos can help reinforce understanding and improve retention.

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Creating your interactive videos

If the concept sounds challenging, don’t worry, it’s manageable. Here’s a brief guide:

  • Planning is key: A well-structured video begins with well-thought-out content. Identify the interactions that will best achieve your learning objectives.
  • Choose your tools wisely: Various platforms are available for creating engaging videos. Select one that aligns with both your objectives and technical capabilities.
  • Aim for engagement: Design your interactive elements to be both visually pleasing and straightforward to use. You might even consider gamification elements like badges to incentivise participation.
  • Use real-time feedback: One of the advantages of interactive videos is the opportunity for immediate learner feedback. Think about branching scenarios that alter the learning pathway based on user choices.
  • Test and refine: As with any learning tool, the feedback loop is crucial. Test your content with a diverse group of learners and be ready to make adjustments.

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How can we help?

If interactive videos sound like the right fit for your learning and development needs, we’re here to support you.

From ideation through to final development and evaluation, our team can guide you at every step of the way to ensure your interactive videos are both effective and engaging.

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