Club Med is well-known for their travel and tourism operations, including all-inclusive holidays.


Club Med needed an explainer video that would communicate the results of their big Belgian market survey. The question we were all asking was: how do you make a survey interesting?



Characters: We developed a family of characters that embodied ‘The Belgians’ in all their glory. Using these characters as a vehicle, we were able to turn a load of data about Belgians into the personal story of a family.

To the Point: We had a minute and a half to explain everything – but we didn’t break a sweat. Through the lens of Emma and her family, we were able to get in all the data in a short and sweet narrative. By saying ‘Emma, like 72% of her peers…’ we were able to sneak in hard data without anybody noticing. Pretty sneaky, huh? This is the power of 1: people will remember Emma’s individual story much more easily than a series of numbers. People will get to know ‘the Belgian market’ by getting to know Emma.



We summarised a WHOLE survey in just 90 second. Thanks to our collaboration, Club Med was able to share the results of all their hard work in a way that was concise, poppy and fun to watch.