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Explainer videos

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What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a magic tool for making complex things simple.

By combining demonstration and explanation, explainer videos make abstract concepts better understood and remembered.

Maybe most importantly, explainer videos make learning fun and help to spread knowledge: an explainer enables you to get your messages across while creating added value for your audience.

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Why do you need explainer videos?

Explainer videos answer questions: How does it work? Why are we doing it? How can you use it? What can you do about it?

Whatever your project or product, chances are you know it better than your audience does. Invest in a good explanation – the return will be worth it.

Here are five good reasons to consider creating an explainer video:

  1. Combining visuals with text and music helps us memorise content better.
  2. A helpful explainer video that gets shared a lot strengthens your branding.
  3. You create an incentive for listening to your messages by enabling your audience to learn something quickly and easily.
  4. The video will save your audience the effort of reading a longer text, hence improving your chances of being heard.
  5. A good explanation can help you win over new customers, simply by clarifying what they will get out of your product.

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What will an explainer video look like?

A good explainer video will set out complex, abstract or technical topics in a concrete, simplified manner.

Explainer videos can feature animation or live-action. A live-action explainer video can feature experts sharing their knowledge, either in an interview setting or ‘on the ground’.

Animated explainer videos are a great choice if you need to explain abstract, complex concepts that cannot be filmed – think of nanotechnology for example!

Explainer animations are also a good match for sensitive topics as they can use neutral imagery.

How to create an explainer video that works

This good practice will help your explanation be understood and remembered:

  • Avoid jargon – use plain language and add an explanation if you can’t
  • Images can help to add content and thereby cut unnecessary explanations
  • An explanation doesn’t have to be dry and boring: trigger emotions, for instance by using a bit of humour, or adding music and appealing imagery
  • Simplify without dumbing down: check what can be removed without losing the message

Looking for expert advice? Our video strategists will help you develop the explainer concept that delivers your message to your audience.

Three popular formats that get great results for explainers

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