ERRIN: video presentations on migrant families returning home


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The European Return and Reintegration Network (ERRIN) is a joint initiative seeking to strengthen cooperation between migration authorities, to improve and innovate reintegration policies.


ERRIN was seeking to create two video presentations that could cater to the needs of their workshops’ audience, raise ERRIN’s profile and inform the international stakeholders about the adaptability of their activities during the Coronavirus pandemic.


ERRIN’s message could only be told through the eyes of those it affects. So we presented the story of Ade and his family: migrants on a journey back to their home country. Such a delicate subject needed to be handled with care. 

Migration is our story – the story of the human race. This means that it transcends all ideas of ethnicity, race or gender. That’s why we wanted the feeling of the video presentations to reflect this shared narrative. While the video presentation focuses on a specific family, it conveys an intimacy that is instantly recognisable.

ERRIN: video presentations on migrant families returning home

ERRIN is combating the negative connotations of migration and so we knew that we had to tell a story that was hopeful. This involved depicting a scenario wherein Ade and his family are safe, sound and flourishing in their home country. Utilising visual storytelling, we were able to clearly explain how ERRIN connects migration authorities and helps migrants all over the world.

ERRIN: video presentations on migrant families returning home


Ade’s journey began a journey of its own – a collaborative endeavour between Cartoonbase and ERRIN to communicate the complex process of migratory return. As ERRIN said, we were the ‘dream team’ to work on ‘translating the most complex concepts into beautiful visual storytelling’. The whole collaboration was a ‘great pleasure’ for both ERRIN and all of us here at Cartoonbase. The result was a breathtaking video presentation which made us all incredibly proud.

A dream-team to work with! Translating the most complex concepts into beautiful visual storytelling and always a great pleasure to work with. Strongly recommend choosing Cartoonbase for any creative project you might have in the pipeline.

Joanna Nahorska

Communications Manager, ERRIN