A fully aligned visual style for Infrabel – Cartoonbase

Infrabel is in charge of building, maintaining and modernizing the Belgian railway infrastructure.


As part of our long term partnership, we were tasked with crafting a global visual identity that would enable Infrabel to communicate consistently and with style to their stakeholders. That means that we had to be able to engage travellers, citizens, employees, railway companies, railway industries, politicians, the press and environmental/sustainability organisations.


When you have that many goals to hit, with such a wide and diverse audience, you have to be completely sure of your direction. We organised a month-long workshop with the Infrabel graphics team in order to develop the perfect look and feel for Infrabel. The result? A Visual Identity Manual containing precise guidelines for everything (from illustrations to typography, voices and layouts. We ended up choosing vector graphics because of their flexibility and visual style.

A fully aligned visual style for Infrabel – Cartoonbase

Inclusion first

It was important that Infrabel’s entire audience feels represented. One of the main points for us was to make sure that our work was diverse and representative. We achieved this by going for an ‘inclusive identity’. Our illustrations were made to include both men and women of varying age and ethnicity.

A fully aligned visual style for Infrabel – Cartoonbase
A fully aligned visual style for Infrabel – Cartoonbase
A fully aligned visual style for Infrabel – Cartoonbase


Scalability was crucial for the client as our work had to be featured in many different formats ranging from social media to large scale print. With vector designs, we were able to create a visual identity that could be moved, stretched and recoloured to suit Infrabel’s needs. All without losing consistency.

A fully aligned visual style for Infrabel – Cartoonbase

Infographic approach

The goal of this project was to find a way for Infrabel to communicate clearly . This meant combining specific elements like characters and backgrounds with infographics. In this way, the story we were telling visually could be backed up with data.

A fully aligned visual style for Infrabel – Cartoonbase


Infrabel now has the ability to communicate quickly and inclusively to their whole audience in a single style both internally and externally. With 30 videos in 6 months in 3 languages, multiple formats and one consistent visual style, Infrabel has been able to communicate on a wide variety of topics thanks to our help.

Most importantly, we now have an authentic partnership with Infrabel. Thanks to the long-term relationship, they know they can trust us to answer quickly and with quality whenever they need communication materials. Our 3 year contract for all their video and visual communication demands led to another 4 year contract with Infrabel Academy for both animated and live-action videos.


video assets developed in French and Dutch


people reached with the videos


consistency in all communication assets, internal and external

After a year of great collaboration, we were chosen for a new tender for the Infrabel Academy Project (a channel dedicated to the training of employees).

Dylan Everard

Project Manager at Cartoonbase