Animation videos

Animation videos

A universal language to tell your unique story


What are animation videos?

An animation video uses animated drawings and imagery to visualise explanations and tell stories.

Animation production has the advantage of naturally translating complex content into universal, easy-to-understand concepts and storylines. That’s the reason animated videos appeal to children and adults alike.

As an animation agency, we work with a broad range of animation styles: get in touch to find out which one suits your needs best.

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Why do you need animation videos?

Studies have shown that animation videos can boost learning and memorisation. They provide a playful way to talk about serious topics. What’s more, they easily cross language and cultural barriers and come with diversity built-in.

When you have a project or campaign to promote, but cannot use real-life footage (either for practical reasons or because you are talking about something abstract), an animation company can help: animation videos are a great alternative to a talking-head video that can often be a challenge to make entertaining.

They are also easy to adapt if you need to use them in a new context and provide many options for branding, making them a cost-effective tool in the longer term. An animation agency can help you use animation as part of a branding effort and longer-term strategy.

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What will an animation video look like?

A good video animation company will develop strong collaboration between writer, illustrator and animator: the script (which can become a voice-over, subtitle or spoken dialogue) needs to be written with the visualisation in mind.

The illustrator and animator meanwhile will work their imagination to translate the (sometimes abstract) script into moving images.

Animations are popular on social media as they are the ideal match for behaviours on these platforms: visually appealing yet informative, they are ideal for skimming and scrolling users looking for a quick win. For much the same reasons, they are the format of choice for explainer videos.

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Tips for a successful animation video

There are many cool animation styles to choose from. Whichever animation style you choose, keep these tips in mind to make sure you produce an animated video with impact:

  • Tell a story – animated videos need a narrative
  • Say it simply – use words that match the language of images
  • Be concise – an animation video is a short story rather than a saga
  • Trigger emotions – making your audience laugh or cry will help your message travel

Check the cultural context of your imagery – not all scientists are men for example!

Use the expertise of an experienced video animation company to help you craft appealing stories and turn them into amazing animations.

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Three popular formats that get great results for animations

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