Motion design videos

Motion design videos

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What are motion design videos?

Put simply, motion design is an animated graphic design.

Also called motion graphics, motion design features shapes, objects, text or (static) animals or people which are set in motion.
A motion design studio can help you translate complex concepts into simplified, visually appealing narratives.

Setting graphic design in motion will enable you to create animations that convert abstract concepts into concrete ones: motion design is a powerful tool for visualising data, highlighting facts and figures, outlining evolutions and statistics and more generally translating technical or theoretical concepts into tangible, easy-to-understand imagery.

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Why do you need motion design videos?

Motion design helps us understand and picture things that we are not good at imagining. When you need to communicate about complex concepts, evolutions, strategies or tools, motion design helps translate them into images that are easy to understand and memorise.

It can also provide visual support to your message, simply by using text and fonts in an eye-catching way that aligns with your brand’s identity.

Not every topic can or should be treated in a fun and playful way: motion graphics are the style of choice when you need to get straight to the point and keep your communication sober and factual.

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What will motion design videos look like?

Motion design videos are infographics brought to life. While they may use figurative elements such as objects and people, these will not be animated.

Motion designers animate shapes and text to visualise things such as growth statistics, organisational set-ups, company workflows, institutional structures, life cycles, work processes, and so on.

Motion graphics can also be used to visualise real-life objects that cannot be shown: for example microscopically small structures, air and wind, etc.

Not sure how best to visualise your complex messages? As a multidisciplinary motion graphics studio, we can help you create a powerful animation by supporting and providing creative input during all steps of the process – from selecting the right data to drafting a strong narrative and translating this technical information into motion design that’s fun to watch.

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Tips for a successful motion design video

Here’s some advice from our experts on how to ensure your motion design animation seizes the full potential of this technique:

  • Stick to graphic guidelines. Motion design is an ideal opportunity to promote your brand’s visual identity. Using corporate fonts, colours and logos will ensure that your video helps brand recognition without the viewer even noticing it.
  • Strive for clarity. We’ve all no doubt seen, more than once, infographics that added to the confusion rather than cleared it up. It’s always tempting to try and cram as much information as possible into your data visualisation, but remember your viewers will only remember what they fully understand.
  • Sober does not mean boring. Motion design is not the fanciest animation style, but it can produce compelling results if used without compromising (there’s a reason graphic designers and hipsters alike love Helvetica).

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Three popular use cases that get great results for motion design videos

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