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Collective intelligence, always more than the sum of its parts

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What is it?

Adding a dash of creativity to a workshop is like adding a pinch of salt to a meal: it brings out the flavour of the ingredients.


Creativity boosts participation, fosters interaction and stimulates learning and memory. Creative workshops are a great tool for ensuring participants make the most of the work session because it engages and stimulates them.

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Why do you need it?

Depending on the objectives of your workshop, creativity can be a means to an end: it ensures participants stay focused because they do not get bored, and challenges them to contribute to the common learning process.


It can also be an end in itself: when your workshops aims for creative output, as will be the case of a brainstorming session, it deploys techniques that get participants’ imagination going and helps them access their own creativity.


The success of organisations big and small depends on productive teamwork. Creative workshops will help your teams unleash their collective intelligence.

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What will it look like?

A creative workshop is the opposite of a lecture. 


There are lots of different ways to animate them depending on each organization’s individual context and the workshop’s objectives, but it will always be a participative process.


Successful formats drawing on the creativity and diverse experience of our team members include


Creative workshops can also be organised online.

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