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What are event videos?

Video nowadays forms a key part of successful event management.

Event videos help generate awareness before, during and after the event – from the teaser video promotion ahead of the big day to background screens or live streaming during the event and follow-up video clips with footage and speaker interviews.

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Why do you need event videos?

Video content complements your event at all stages of the process, making your event more valuable by increasing participation, contributing to a positive experience and facilitating follow-up.

Event video also forms a useful tool for connecting the dots between your different communications platforms by driving traffic and engagement where you need it: promotional event teaser videos in your Twitter/X feed linking to your website for registrations, video screenings during the event promoting your social channels and interviews highlighting key quotes from discussions one week later all reinforce each other.


What will an event video look like?

There are three distinctive event video formats linked to the three phases in the life-cycle of an event:

  • Event teaser video: a promotional video announcing your upcoming event and providing practical information on how to participate.
  • Live event video: this encompasses material screened during the event as part of presentations or running in the background, and also live streaming for remote participation.
  • Event follow-up video: this plays an important role in maintaining momentum after an event, and making interesting material available to a broader audience.

Tips for successful event videos

Here’s some free advice to keep in mind for each of the three phases:

  • Before the event: teaser videos should be kept short and raise awareness by highlighting the key topic(s) up for debate and of course the names of high-profile participants.
  • During the event: it’s important to ensure that the quality of live footage sound and images is good enough to keep remote audiences engaged – it may be worth considering multiple cameras for a high-quality remote experience.
  • After the event: in addition to footage from a panel or conference, it’s a good idea to conduct a few expert interviews on-site that can be made available online as extra ‘goodies’.


Get in touch with our team for advice on how to use video to promote your event during each phase, from event teaser video ideas to live-streaming and expert follow-up clips.

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