Storytelling workshops

Storytelling workshops

Because there’s always a story


What is a storytelling workshop?

In the space between ‘Once upon a time…’ and ‘…happily ever after’, any number of things can happen. But whether the hero(ine) is seeking a treasure or saving the princess, outsmarting a witch or an evil stepmother – the way events unfold in a story is often strikingly similar.

Context, challenge, solution, and outcome. These are the building blocks of virtually every story. They are also the basic ingredients of human life; and of doing business.

In a storytelling workshop, you create the story of your project. Or rather, you discover the storyline that’s already there, by turning your business problem into a narrative.



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Why do you need a storytelling workshop?

People love stories. By telling a story, you create an emotional connection between your audiences and the messages you want to convey. 

By crafting a story, we create a compelling messaging framework that fosters engagement: it will enable you to give a clear vision of your project and get your audience on board with the process. 

Learning to rethink a project in the form of a story is the role of the storytelling workshop.

How does it work?

By looking at our project or problem as a narrative arc in the making, we implicitly ask questions such as: who are the actors? What’s the environment and background? How do they confront the challenges they are facing? What outcomes do we expect?

Answering these provides us with a basic brief for identifying and implementing a solution, accompanied by arguments for why it’s needed, for whom, and what everyone will get out of it.

Together, these elements form a story that makes people care, remember – and want to be part of the adventure.

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Tips for a successful storytelling workshop 

How do you get a group to align on a story? How do you develop the story that fits your happy ending? And what ending is that? Here is some practical advice for spinning your narrative

  • Make sure your story reflects diverse perspectives. Gather a group that represents different roles within your organisation, and different points of view on the plot of your story.
  • Before the workshop, align on the WHAT. Are you telling the story of your start-up? Of an initiative your organisation is launching? Or are you defining your brand identity? To achieve convergence during the workshop, you need to be clear on what you’re talking about.

That doesn’t mean that the plot of your story is defined before the workshop, or that you are crystal-clear about all your target audiences, but you need a consensus on the project or problem you will be framing into a narrative together.

  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. To end up with a strong narrative that inspires, engages and provides a call-to-action, help the group unleash their creativity. 

Providing a visual support and defining each part of the story together through interactive exercises will help participants take a step back and come up with fresh ideas.


How can we help?

To help you make your storytelling workshop visual and interactive, we have created a digital storytelling canvas. It’s free-of-charge and ready for use in your own creative session. 

In our Miroverse, you will also find a few other templates to help you team align in online workshops on different topics.

Looking for storytelling experts and experienced facilitators to develop a tailor-made co-creation workshop for your organisation? You’ve come to the right place.



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