Visual e-learning

Visual e-learning: a new way of learning

There’s a new way of learning in town and it’s shattered the status quo.

E-Learning has been around for decades. Today, advances in connectivity combined with the impact of the pandemic are triggering a paradigm shift in how we approach skills development.

Visual e-learning approaches will help you reach new and established audiences, but the expectations of everyone involved are at an all-time high.

To effectively disseminate knowledge and hold the viewers’ attention, online learning experiences need to be clear, well-structured and visually appealing.

Cartoonbase can take your e-learning content to the next level through targeted use of visual thinking. We help you create visual e-learning content such as e-learning modules, staff development courses and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

The result: e-learning content that is well structured, to the point, attractive and, most importantly, understandable and memorable.


Deep understanding: turning expert content into visual e-learning experiences

Our e-learning experts understand deep content and always work from a holistic perspective. We don’t just make visuals, we build courses.

This means we help make the course logical and fluid while ensuring that each individual piece can stand on its own.

Be it a single social media video or a full MOOC, an interview-based expert video or a series of 2D animation videos – we bring creativity to every asset.

We help you craft visual e-learning courses that not only inform, but engage your audience and boost staff development.

Our visual e-learning projects

How we can help

The following products work especially well for visual e-learning



By making your content appealing, it becomes more engaging, improving focus and memorisation



Structuring complex content and highlighting key concepts visually makes the learning process easier



We involve you and your team at every step of the process, through rapid feedback rounds and workshops