Slide decks

Slide decks

Visual thinking for pitch-perfect presentations


What are slide decks?

Slide decks are a visual aid for presenting or pitching content. Also called presentation decks or pitch decks, they are most commonly used as a backdrop for spoken presentations.

Many communication experts are not particularly fond of slide decks. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is said to have banned PowerPoint presentations entirely. For some of us, this might be reason enough to do the exact opposite. There are, however, better reasons to invest in convincing slide decks for your presentations: important benefits can be gained from complementing (spoken) words with the right visual support.

Enter illustration. Slide decks enable you to say more with less. By combining well-structured key messages with infographics and appealing visuals, they give the full picture of what you are presenting in a minimum of time. 

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Why do you need slide decks?

A slide deck crafted by a team of experts will create key competitive advantages for the content you are presenting.

Creating a clear, minimalistic outline of your content will help you audiences follow your argument. They will also better understand (and remember) where the value of your proposal lies, by reducing ‘noise’.

Reinforcing key aspects of this skeleton visually will help you get the message across, convince and convert. That’s because well-crafted illustrations and relevant infographics will create an intuitive response – your audience simply ‘gets’ it.

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Tips for successful slide decks

Here’s how to prove Jeff Bezos wrong:

  • Complementarity is key. If you are using slides as a backdrop to what you are presenting (whether live or on a video call), make sure your slides do not repeat what you are saying. Of course, they should not contain completely different information either! In both scenarios, your audience’s attention is likely to drop as they are trying to read and listen at the same time. The slides need to visually reinforce what you are saying.
  • Keep it light. Text-heavy slides are not a good idea. It’s not what slides are for – they are a visual aid. More often than not, if you end up with lots of content on your slides, it’s worth considering whether you should opt for a different format altogether. 

Invest time and effort in visualisation. Remember that this is where its key added value lies. Carefully select key facts and figures to highlight, and ensure the overall look and feel of your slides is professional – it will play an important role in how you come across.

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How we can help you create great slide decks

Turning complex concepts into memorable stories is our favourite challenge at cartoonbase. Beautifully illustrated slide decks pitching an idea, project or concept do just that.

Our creative team of illustrators, graphic designers and copywriters will join forces with you to work out the key messages you want to pitch, and craft the best visuals for getting them across to your audiences.

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