Define your difference. What is it that makes your brand special? What’s the unique value you bring to your customers? Who are you – and who do you want to be?

Knowing these answers is an important aspect of developing your brand.

Distinctive branding fosters recognition and trust. It means that your products and services are associated with specific standards, values and experiences that make you stand out among competitors and provide compelling reasons to come back.


Soul-Searching. Your brand identity encompasses your visual identity, your company name and slogan, but also aspects such as values and style: what the brand stands for, how it interacts with its customers, what lifestyle it conveys, etc.

Branding with cartoonbase is a co-creative process which can cover a selection or all of these aspects. 

Together, we define what your brand stands for and develop the branding assets you need to amplify this brand image across multiple communication channels.

Our team is a flexible partner along this journey – after all, we understand how personal a branding project can be!

Our branding projects

How we can help

Following products work especially well for branding



You are the experts on your brand – we add a creative perspective

End-to-end process

End-to-end process

We provide support at each step, from defining your brand identity to creating branded assets

360° solution

360° solution

Our expertise spans all assets needed for successful branding, from your visual identity to brand videos, slogans and taglines